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What are your favourite Statham movies? I know! Difficult, right? There’s just so many! What you need is 3 mildly amusing men to help pick apart the best and worst of his oeuvre. Join us for irreverent film based chit chat with an unhealthy dose of noisy dogs in the background.


Terminator, Jonny 5 or the MSE-6 Repair Droid? What are the best and worst robots on film?

Aidan Goatley, Iain FM Smith and Stephen Saul offer their opinions up alongside irreverent film chit chat.

Join us with your opinions @killhitlerpod

Ep 13 Rom Coms

“Love is all you need” according to several Hippies in the 60’s, but they didn’t have podcasts back then. If they had them then they’d say “Yeah, love AND the latest Let’s Kill Hitler podcast”. Well, they did do a lot of drugs!

Regardless of this, join Aidan, Iain & Stephen as they talk all matters of the heart in this LKH Valentines special.

Book Adaptations

Charles Dickens, Emily Bronte, Katie Price.
That’s right it’s the greatest literary adaptations on episode 12 of ‘Let’s Kill Hitler.’ I would tell you more but I’ve forgotten it since we recorded last month. Join Iain FM Smith, Stephen Saul and Aidan Goatley as they discuss the greatest and worst film adaptations.

Episode 11 – Disaster Movies

We’ve managed to make it to episode 11 and it’s Disaster Movies!
From Armageddon to The Cassandra Crossing, Iain Smith, Stephen Saul and Aidan Goatley talk catastrophe, mutating neutrinos and @TalkingPicsTV

Ep 10 Remakes

Before it gets rebooted, re-imagined or rejuvenated the film podcast ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ tackles the tricky subject of remakes*. Join comedians Aidan Goatley, Iain Smith and Stephen Saul as they talk their best, worst and alternative choices of remade stuff.




*will be re-done next year.

10 Films With … Joe Heenan

Welcome to ’10 Films With …’ Podcast

Where Aidan Goatley talks to Comedians about films. They just have to choose 10 films that they either love, hate or just don’t understand.

Recorded during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 in this episode Aidan talks to Joe Heenan about VHS, Steven Segal Films, the best baddies and the worst film ever made!

Let’s Kill Hitler Ep 9 FLOPS

After the success of previous episodes Aidan Goatley, Iain FM Smith & Stephen Saul are back to talk about failures. This time round they choose their favourite, worst and odd movie flops. Welcome to Let’s Kill Hitler’ Episode 9!