Episode 8 – Best Year

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition as the ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ boys return with a brand new episode. Join Aidan Goatley, Iain F M Smith & Stephen Saul as they nominate their ‘best year for films’  and  pick their best, worst and oddball favourite movie.

So sit back, relax and listen to the boys wittering on and rolling back the years.

Episode 6 – Bond

Put your dinner suit on. Tie your bow tie. Load your Walther PPK and practice your best misogynistic stereotypes because it’s time for Bond, James Bond.
Join comedians Iain FM Smith, Steve Saul and Aidan Goatley as they discuss the best, the worst and the odd about the world’s favourite Spy!

Episode 5 – Trailers & Taglines

It was a time of war!
When everything you know is wrong!
They wanted a podcast, and got a war!
and also chocolate. Which was nice.

Join comedians Stephen Saul, Iain Smith and Aidan Goatley as they talk movie trailers and tag lines in the latest episode of their podcast ‘Let’s Kill Hitler.’

There’s also wandering off subject, dogs barking and chocolate being eaten. Which shouldn’t because it sounds disgusting. Enjoy!

Let’s Kill Hitler – Episode 4

Welcome to episode 4 and our Villains special!
In absolutely no way connected to the recent arrival of President Trump we’ve decided to trawl through our collective noggins and find our favourite, our worst and our secret favourite villains.
Join Iain FM Smith, Steven Saul and Aidan Goatley as they waffle about Oliver Reed, Keyzer Soze and Armageddon (both the film and our future!)

Episode 3 – Christmas Special

Ding a ling a ding dong ding and deck the halls it’s the Let’s Kill Hitler Christmas special.
In this episode we learn several important facts.
1/ Don’t eat a massive Sunday roast before recording
2/ It’s really hard to come up with a bad Christmas movie
3/ Some people put aftershave where they shouldn’t

Join Stephen Saul, Iain Smith and Aidan Goatley as they throw the shows format to the wolves and talk Christmas.